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Working With Agencies

Partnering With Clients & Agencies
To Achieve More

Active works with our clients’ agencies to achieve measurable and significant savings. The agency’s fee structure remains intact, as does the agency’s role of providing objective marketing expertise and counsel to their clients.

Once the partner is formalized, the integration process begins. The agency will follow their normal strategic media planning process. Once a media plan is approved and benchmark pricing has been established, Active will evaluate the plan to assess which portions will deliver optimal client value. Upon completion of this analysis, Active submits a buy proposal and all parties will agree to the buying execution plan moving forward. It’s important to have the agency’s understanding of how trade will deliver value as early in the process as possible.

While Active will customize the process that works best for the agency and client, we suggest a series of proven best practices that our expertise has taught us yields the best results.

  • Active conducts Barter 101 and on-boarding meetings for agency teams
  • Active conducts ongoing business reviews with the client and agency
  • Active can provide agencies with our market purview
  • Active can provide complementary capabilities at the agency’s direction

Active serves as a resource for clients as well as their agencies. While Active delivers measurable cash value to clients, we also work at their agency’s specific direction, often as an extended arm of capabilities. Many agencies choose to involve Active in other clients’ business for the value we bring, and/or to enhance services across their client base.

Active’s in-house team of over 250 seasoned media buying professionals works in a number of ways to help execute over $1.5 billion of media annually across the linear and digital landscape on behalf of hundreds of clients.

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Market Insights

2020 Political Ad Impact: Key Research
2020 Political Ad Impact: Key Research

Despite a challenged economy, political advertising will flood the market, as spending is already outpacing prior political years.

Agency View – Keeping Your Agency’s Co
Agency View – Keeping Your Agency’s Competitive Edge through COVID-19

Agency View is Active’s take on “What’s Next” for agencies, marketers and the industry.

Agency View – ROI on Agency Culture
Agency View – ROI on Agency Culture

Agency View is Active’s take on “What’s Next” for agencies, marketers and the industry.

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