Corporate trade is usually associated with solving excess asset problems. How does it work for charitable donations?

It might be tough to see how corporate trade, travel, and charitable donations are connected, but Active International’s strength is its unique ability to recover or create value through corporate trading. In this case, there was an opportunity to create a donations program using our clients’ everyday budgeted group meetings and Active’s existing travel investments and inventories in our portfolio of hotels and resorts. We have a long history of supporting charities. In 1997, our CEO Alan Elkin and President Arthur Wagner created Active Cares as a way to give back to the community. Today, Active Cares is involved with 600 nonprofits, most of them suggested to us by our employees and clients.

How does travel enter into the picture?

Over the years, Active Cares has donated many of our travel products to charitable organizations. Charities use our travel products to generate contributions through auctions and raffles. However, we became aware of the need to do something more based upon requests from our clients as well as the obvious contraction in donations from corporate America due to the economy. Our new Charitable Donations Program applies our flexible trading model in a unique way, taking our charitable efforts to a new level.

How does your Charitable Donations Program work?

The program is simple and transparent. When you use one of the participating hotels in our travel portfolio for your next business meeting, you will receive a charitable donation in the amount of up to 25 percent of your negotiated group room rate costs. A selection of the hotels and resorts in our travel portfolio can be viewed using our digital travel brochure at Active Travel works with Active Cares and our clients to either make the donation directly to the charity on behalf of the client or to pay the money directly to our client so they may make and receive the benefits of the charitable contribution.