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Las Vegas Outlook: Hopeful Their Luck is Changing 
We recently had a conversation with Chuck Bowling, President & Chief Operating Officer of Mandalay Bay and Delano Las Vegas. Chuck is responsible for overseeing all operations at the AAA Four Diamond Award winning resort. Chuck has been a longtime friend, business partner and strong advocate for Active International. Read some of Chuck’s insights into the current state of the hospitality industry here.

Chuck Bowling




When is the Right Time? 
It is the question everyone has been asking “When can I go on vacation?” With case numbers dropping, more and more people receiving the vaccine, leisure travel will come back slowly. See what the experts are saying, click here to read more.  

Travel is good for the soul


Going on Vacation? Remember to Pack This 
In addition to your phone charger, and passport, don’t forget travel insurance. Many countries are now requiring you have it before entry.  It’s the new “must have” to ensure you have proper medical coverage should you get sick and to avoid being stranded if things go wrong. Click here to read more.


To Book Direct or Not to Book Direct
During COVID, many consumers have chosen to book accommodations through direct channels versus OTAs to make sure they get the latest safety and amenity information from the property. Hotel chains are hoping travelers continue to book direct moving forward. Will this trend continue? Click here to find out


A Year Without Travel
A Travel Editor shares his thoughts about not traveling for a year, how the industry has changed and what his outlook is moving forward. Click here to read more




Hotels Bring the Guest Experience Outside 
Since the onslaught of the COVID-19 pandemic, hoteliers and designers have been rethinking the use of outdoor areas to maximize capacity while maintaining physical distance and guest comfort. Through our Active Advantage Program, we give you access to top Samsung and Peerless TV products and accessories to help create the optimal viewing spaces in cabana and bars spaces. Click here for details.  




Business Travel vs. Video Conferencing 
With Corporate leaders taking note of the effectiveness of video conferencing and many using the remote work advantages to reduce carbon emissions, resuming a road-warrior lifestyle may be a challenge. The outlook for business travel is up for debate. Click here to read more.  


Will I Still Need to Wear a Mask When Flying?  
With many states eliminating mask requirements, the CDC and FAA are recommending that airlines maintain their current guidelines mandating mask-wearing.  Click here to read more.


Where Business Travel Goes From Here
We all know that travel has been hit quite hard by the pandemic. While travel is starting to return, there are things that the business traveler needs to be aware of and keep top of mind. Click here to read more




The Vaccination and The Big Apple 
The daunting task of having to quarantine once arriving to New York is a thing of the past! Just another benefit for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Click here to read more.  


The Where NOT to Travel Guide
When travelers are weighing their options to travel, one of the best sources for the latest information, risk levels and specific safety details is the CDC. Click here to read more


On the Road Again, RV Travel Style
With the weather getting nicer, why not think about using some of your vacation days? RV travel has become one of the most popular ways to go, so why not add it to your bucket list! Click here for everything you need to know to prepare & plan for your cross-country adventure




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