Insights from DiamondRock’s COO
Thomas Healy, COO& EVP Asset Management at DiamondRock Hospitality and one of our Travel Advisory Board Members, shares some trends he’s seeing in his hotel portfolio as the hotel industry slowly adjusts to COVID-19 policies. Read the full article here.

Thomas Healy

Welcome Marina MacDonald
Marina MacDonald, CMO of Red Roof® has joined Active’s Travel Advisory’s Board, our exclusive group of hospitality leaders who share their ideas and insights with our hospitality team. Marina brings a wealth of experience across hotel industry sales, marketing, and revenue management. To read more about Marina McDonald and Active’s Advisory Board, click here.

Marina McDonald 



A New Normal in Cruising
Like the airlines, cruise-lines have been struggling to restore confidence in future travel by addressing safety concerns. While cruising is not yet scheduled to resume in the U.S., Royal Caribbean reveals the upgrades, improvements and safety measures it is instituting in anticipation of waterway travel return. Read the full article here.

Could Pent-up Demand Eclipse Rising COVID Case Counts?
Travel suppliers are counting on “pent-up consumer demand” to help drive recovery of the hospitality industry, even as COVID cases continue to rise. Read the full article here.

Don’t Overlook Cost Savings From HVAC Optimizations
As hotels consider cost savings measures, optimization of HVAC systems should be a cost savings consideration on your radar as HVAC costs can “account for 44%” of your hotel’s energy usage. Read the full article here.  



Samsung MagicINFO™ and Flip 2
Active is an Authorized Samsung Distributor and has sold over $100 million in Samsung products to our hospitality clients through our Active Advantage Program, delivering competitive pricing and new cash business. The two latest Samsung products that are available through Active’s Advantage Program are MagicINFO™, Samsung’s leading-edge digital signage platform and the all-new Samsung Flip 2 Interactive Display. Click here for more information.

Samsung TVs



Las Vegas Meetings
Who would have believed that hotels on the Las Vegas Strip closed, well many did in 2020! Due to Covid-19 the large meetings and conventions business basically came to a standstill as the maximum number of attendees for a group was limited to 50 people. The good news is attendee limits have been increased. Read the full article here

Las Vegas

Hotels Offering Free Medical Insurance Plans for Certain Groups
AIC Group, a long-time Active client, has an innovative approach to addressing safety concerns by offering free (upgradable) medical insurance for certain group stays at its All-Inclusive Hard Rock Hotels in the Caribbean and Mexico. Read the full article here.

Maximizing Outdoor Space
COVID has created new demands for available hotel space due to social distancing. To accommodate guests hotels are creatively reinventing their outdoor space. Read the full article here.

The Impact of COVID on Business Travel
Take a look at some data and statistics gathered from the BBC and experts interviewed by Condé Nast’s travel team of investigative journalists who’ve been mapping the changes in the way we go about solidifying and building global business relationships throughout 2020. Read the full article here.



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