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Aimbridge Hospitality Executive Chairman, Shares Views on the Current State of the Industry 
We recently had a conversation with Dave Johnson, Executive Chairman, of Aimbridge Hospitality. Dave is one of the original members of the Active Travel Advisory Board, currently sits on the Steering Committee and has been a client of Active for almost 20 years. We discussed with Dave how he is navigating the company through these very difficult times. Read the full article here

Dave Johnson: Executive Chairman - Aimbridge


Michelle Woodley Joining Advisory Board 
Active is excited to welcome Michelle Woodley, President of Preferred Hotels & Resorts to our Travel Advisory Board. Recognized by Hotel Management as one of the most influential women in hospitality in 2018, Michelle brings expertise and insights across sales, marketing, IT, revenue management, and customer relations to our Board. We look forward to tapping into Michelle’s vast experience to help guide our Travel portfolio of products and services moving forward. To find out more about Michelle click here

Michelle Woodley - President of Preferred Hotels & Resorts




Hospitality CEOs Feel a Sense of Hope for Travel 2021
The CEOs from major hotel companies are hopeful for 2021. While the pandemic will not completely be gone, there are ways to manage the virus and its implications on the industry. All agree that with some collaboration and coordination in the industry, things will bounce back. They also feel there will be positive changes due to the election outcome. Read the full article here.


CEOs Insights from The NYU International Industry Investment Conference
A panel discussion was recently held on the recovery of meetings and group business. Some of the panelist are seeing an uptick in the small to mid-size meetings in their properties, however the real question is: when will the large groups be back? There are many factors being taken into consideration, but everyone agrees that face-to-face meetings are important, for personal connection and the need for networking aspect. Read the full article here.

What Will Travel Look Like Under a New Administration?
With more than a third of unemployment claims coming from the travel industry, what will the new administration do to help this struggling sector. Read the full article here.

Hospitality Recovery Going to Take Longer Than Originally Expected 
While leisure travel picked up during the summer months, the cold weather and increase in COVID-19 cases will push back the recovery to the second half of 2021. Occupancy and ADR continue to drop and expected to fall to numbers not seen since the late 1990’s. Read the full article here




Active International has helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, & management companies acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Under this Program, all products are sold at each purchaser’s normal negotiated/direct pricing and as additional added value, Active commits to make a pre-agreed upon amount of cash bookings in a purchaser’s hotel(s) (at normal prevailing (or group negotiated) rates).

Some recent additions to our product offerings available through Active’s Advantage Program include:

zoomrooms logo

ZoomRooms Bundle:  It’s clear video conferencing is here to stay, even beyond the pandemic. One way to give your pandemic office a 2020 makeover is with high-quality video conferencing systems like the ZoomRooms Bundle.

zoomrooms bundle

ZoomRooms provides a cloud-based solution with affordable hardware that you can connect with mobile and desktop devices. ZoomRooms supports one-on-one to large scale meetings and events from interactive whiteboarding to wireless content sharing. The ZoomRooms Bundle includes the Huddly IQ, and AI-Powered wide-angle camera that adjusts to all lighting conditions; a tabletop microphone specially designed for corporate communication settings featuring audio pickup with a 25ft. audio range; and a Mimo commercial grade tablet preloaded with ZoomRooms apps, a JBL 2-channel activated soundbar, and Lenovo ThinkCentre mini PC. Turn any room into a conference room with a ZoomRooms Bundle. 

To learn about ZoomRooms click here. For tips on improving your Zoom skills click here. To find out more about the ZoomRoom bundle, please contact us at Active at


Cape Soleil logo

​​​Cape Soleil Outdoor Furniture: Active International is proud to introduce Cape Soleil Outdoor Furniture to our portfolio of available Active Advantage products. The line enables you to mix and match tables, chairs, lounges with patio heaters or fire pit tables to create a warm and welcoming environment. 

Cape Soleil Outdoor Furniture

For more information please go to or for a sampling of product offerings please go to

To learn more about the Active Advantage program, contact




Increase in Short Term Bookings
Good news, hotels are seeing an uptick in reservation and meeting bookings. Majority are last minute and short term, but we are happy to say people are starting to travel. Bookings are slow for Q1 and Q2 but things are looking up for the second half of 2021. Read the full article here.


The Hospitality Industry Must Change in Order to Grow 
The pandemic and the upheaval of the hospitality industry has forced everyone to consider transformations in a multitude of operating procedures — From the check-in process to social distancing to the guest experience as well as pivots in marketing strategies and smart technology. Read the full article here.

Meetings in 2021
The question continues, is 2021 going to bring the in-person meeting back or is the hybrid meeting here to stay? Some say Hybrid is here to stay, however meeting in person is still so important. People are longing to interact with their colleagues after being cooped up for so long. Read the full article here.

Should you be Recommending Travel During the Pandemic?
Just like the age-old question which came first the chicken or the egg, the debate is heating up on who is responsible when someone is looking to travel? With travel providers passing along discounts and agents making recommendations, are they enticing travelers and placing them in harm’s way or are they just doing their job? Read the full article here




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