The 2021 Media Comparison Study, conducted by GfK found that Broadcast TV leads with the highest reach and ranks number one for time spent. All demographics, including 18-34 year olds, spent at least three times more hours/minutes each day with TV than with the next closest platform.Overall, TV was also found to be the top  motivator to learn more and do further research online. Looking specifically at News, Local Broadcast TV was reported to be the the most trusted. (TVB)

Local Broadcast Television News: #1 for Trust



A survey by the CMO Council of 200 global members revealed that most marketers plan to increase their marketing spend in 2021, following crisis mode spending in 2020. Most intend to either increase spending (65%), or maintain their investment (24%), while only 10% plan on spending less than in 2020. Of note, the survey is based on the premise that an effective vaccine rollout will be completed this year. Marketers are reinvesting their money in technology, automation and transformation, while also investing in talent with proficiency in data and technology to make those tools work for their business across companies of different sizes and regions. Marketers are leaning into automation as they look to leverage customer data, not only to acquire new customers, but to also drive loyalty. The most important areas of transformation this year, according to those surveyed, will be effective campaign execution and improving operations and performance. (Campaign: 1/28/21)



According to TiVo, roughly 60% of pay-TV users and nearly three-quarters of viewers using free streaming or broadcast platforms either “like” or “don’t mind” ads. During a Q4 2020 TiVo survey of more than 4,500 U.S. and Canadian adults, 58% using traditional pay-TV and 61% using virtual MVPDs said they like or don’t mind watching ads on TV. On the free vs. paid front, 83% of respondents said cancelling paid services and using free, ad-supported services is a good way to save money, 79% would rather use free, ad-supported streaming than subscribe to another paid service and 81% wished services like Netflix and Prime Video offered a free, ad-supported option. (MediaPost: 1/27/21)



According to research from The Walt Disney Co. the number of scripted shows on broadcast, basic cable, premium cable and streaming dipped 7% to 493 in 2020 from their peak of 532 in 2019. The main reason for the drop was because of COVID-19 as we saw the halt of production and cancellation of many shows. However, that didn’t stop the introduction of new streaming services like Peacock and HBO Max that showcase their original series. Though the number of new series declined, time spent watching TV and streaming soared as people sheltered in place to avoid the Coronavirus and slow its spread. (NEXTTV: 1/29/21)



Local broadcast COVID-19 newsLocal journalists turn into problem solvers for people in need of information. Throughout the country, viewers, listeners, and readers are reaching out directly to their local reporters to find COVID-19 answers like hospital availabilities, testing, and vaccine news. And many are responding.  Houston’s TV news anchor Chauncy Glover states, “We have to be smarter on these topics. We have to know more. For so many people, it may be life or death.” Glover’s journey began last spring when he shared his own COVID-19 KTRK-TV viewers. Other news anchors across the country have made it their priority to inform their viewers of the latest news and information regarding the pandemic. This includes inquiries about where and how to get vaccinated, whether or not they should cancel a family wedding or if it was illegal to hold a funeral for a relative who died. These journalist have become a source of comfort to their readers and viewers during these difficult times. (TVNewsCheck: 2/1/21)