Active International is an authorized reseller of many different products and services and we have helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, & management companies to acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Under this Program, all products are sold at each purchaser’s normal negotiated/direct pricing and as an additional added value, Active commits to make a pre-agreed upon amount of cash bookings in a purchaser’s hotel(s) (at normal prevailing (or group negotiated) rates).


Additional Advantage when you purchase through Active

While Active’s clients are aware of us providing our hotel partners with a best in class product and the Active Cash Cross Purchase Commitment program for their purchases, what many of our new clients appreciate most when they purchase their products through Active is the elevated level of service that comes with the sale.  Due to Active’s large volume of purchases made with our vendors and Active’s unique Trading relationships with these vendors, Active has extensive relationships with top management within each vendor company that the client’s previous resellers did not possess.

This higher and broader access to many management levels at a vendor adds additional channels to resolving a client’s problem if one arises. Whether it is communicating with Jamison mattresses’ production and manufacturing plants to ensure that customized mattresses are produced to a clients specific modified specifications or communicating with Samsung’s main distribution warehouse in Texas to ensure that revised delivery dates are achieved, Active provides additional customer service that other resellers are unable to match.

If you would like to hear more about the benefits of purchasing your capital or operating goods through Active International please contact Jim Haggerty or Lukas Kaminski at and we would be more than happy to see how we can make your life easier.