Active International has helped leading hotel brands, REITs, owners, & management companies acquire capital and operating products through our Active Advantage Program. Under this Program, all products are sold at each purchaser’s normal negotiated/direct pricing and as additional added value, Active commits to make a pre-agreed upon amount of cash bookings in a purchaser’s hotel(s) (at normal prevailing (or group negotiated) rates). Some recent additions to our product offerings available through Active’s Advantage Program include:

Sustainability and ESG Compliance Products

Sustainability and ESG Compliance Products

Reducing your Water and Energy Usage

Is your business looking to reduce its carbon footprint or reduce the amount of water and energy it uses while minimizing the effects that these reductions have on your business?  If so, Active can help you with this goal.   Active has several new and innovative products that can be incorporated into your existing electrical systems, heating systems or cooling towers. 

These products range from plug-and-play equipment for your cooling towers that optimizes consumption and the operation of your equipment by enabling the use of cooling water without chemicals.  This technology will reduce corrosion while also reducing the effects of chemicals discharged into the environment. While skeptics may question this, this patented technology is current in use and a recent study from Southern California Edison for a small 240 ton system showed that this equipment reduced water usage by 30%, saving over 1.8 million gallons of water over a 12 month period, while also saving 5.4% on energy usage, and as if these savings weren’t motivating enough, California currently also has an energy rebate program in effect for this product.

In addition, Active also offers new surge protection equipment that reduces kwh usage.  This equipment has been successfully rolled out for a major Fortune 100 food manufacturer and will also come with a contractual written guarantee from the vendor ensuring the amount of energy that it will save and, on a case by case basis, may even be installed at your location at no cost for an onsite test of its benefits. 

To hear more about these sustainability 2 technologies and other energy and water-reducing products please contact